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Mr. Nemzoff did an outstanding job on this engagement. The advice he gave us during every step of the process showed that he has significant experience in these types of engagements…

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Craig Brown
Former Vice Chairman of the Board
PBI Regional Medical Center

Josh was extremely knowledgeable about the acquisition process, identifying a number of critical issues early in our discussions. He provides constant communication and is swift to recommend a change of course when it is appropriate.

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Richard L. Jones, Jr.
President and CEO
Abington Memorial Hospital

"Mr. Josh Nemzoff, of Nemzoff and Company, served as the lead in the acquisition of a chain of not-for-profit hospitals by the University of Florida and its Shands Hospital. He was instrumental in leading our preparations and understanding of the market in which we were in a bidding competition with Columbia/HCA and was an aggressive and productive leader of our negotiating team in putting together our final negotiation. He is a hard and aggressive bargainer and placed us in a position in which our Board had great confidence in the outcome. His availability and skill at communication added to the confidence that the organization had in the entire process."

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David R. Challoner, M.D.
Vice President for Health
Affairs and
Chairman, Shands Hospital Board of Directors

"One of the things most striking about Josh was his capacity to be relative at times of seeming impasse. More than once we believed that the negotiations would fail because of an inability to achieve understanding on a particular issue. Frequently, it was Josh who was able to reframe the question in a way that each side could see their way to a compromise. Josh has a reputation for being direct and it is certainly well deserved."

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Warren E. Ross, M.D.
CEO, University of Florida Health System

"Mr. Nemzoff brought great experience and negotiating skill to the process.  I am not confident that we would have been able to complete the transaction without the skills and experience that he and his colleagues brought to the process.  He helped build a successful team of internal and external participants."

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Allen H. Neims, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean and Associate Vice President
Health Science Center
University of Florida

"Mr. Nemzoff worked with Alleghany Regional Hospital and its Board of Directors during the significant time of considering the sale of the hospital.  Mr. Nemzoff served as Leader of the Project Team responsible for negotiating with Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation for the sale of the hospital. I would recommend without hesitation the services of Mr. Nemzoff and his firm. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I appreciate his efforts and expertise in assisting the hospital with this project."

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William B. James
Alleghany Regional Hospital

"Mr. Nemzoff skillfully analyzed our hospital's situation and evaluated all of our options. He kept the board fully informed and led us through an intense process of examination. Mr. Nemzoff is to be recognized and commended for his thorough examination of the situation facing our hospital and for his innovation and creative ideas that led to a successful conclusion."

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C.H. Hawken, Chairman
Dakota Hospital Board of Directors

"To attain our goal, which was best for the community and the institution, it turned out that a merger was better than an acquisition.  Mr. Nemzoff and his company would have earned a great deal more money had the institution been sold.  Instead he pointed out the differences and opted to follow the path which was best for his client and meant less money for his company."

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Jerome D. Feder
Board Member
Dakota Health Systems
Dakota Hospital

"Josh is a very accomplished negotiator and a shrewd financial analyst.  He has the uncanny ability to zero in on the key points of the deal and know when to hold his cards and when to lay them down."

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Duane K. Rossmann
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Center Hospital
Conroe, Texas

"During the course of this engagement, Josh and I enjoyed and outstanding working relationship. He is not afraid to stand up and defend his position. He also did not hesitate to tell us when this acquisition was not a good deal for our hospital. Although his firm at the time, Ernst and Young, would have made a substantial fee if the acquisition was pursued, I was particularly impressed by Josh's attitude of giving the best advice to his client regardless of the impact of his fees.  Should the opportunity for similar negotiations present itself again, I would not hesitate to use Mr. Nemzoff and I would recommend him to any hospital contemplating the merger or acquisition/transaction."

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Edward M. Dinan
Sacred Heart Hospital

"Mr. Nemzoff's efforts were instrumental in our finding a buyer for a facility which was well located but suffered physician relation problems.  He also persevered well into the nights as closing negotiations with Richard Scott drug on for three very long days.  In the end, Mr. Nemzoff's insights into the market, the desires of the buyer and needs of the seller were well meshed into a transaction that satisfied both parties."

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Randy A. Sucher
Executive Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer
Southern Medical Health Systems, Inc.

"He [Josh] is well-known throughout the industry and his efforts and accomplishments speak for themselves.  I have always considered Josh a friend as well as an adversary, as he possesses the unique qualities of an individual with great skills and compassion for his fellow man.  In short, he may beat you up and kick you out the door through the negotiation process, but at least he is kind enough at the end of the day to come over, pick you up and brush you off before sending you on your way."

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Donald W. Thayer
National Medical Enteprises, Inc.

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